• International welding technologist SLV Mannheim (IWT)
  • State-certified technical engineer mechanical engineering
  • International welding inspector (IWI-C)
  • Pressure equipment specialist modules I to IV (TÜV Academy)
  • Qualified person according to § 2 Abs. 7 BetrSichV for the area of pressure equipment
  • VT, RT, PT und MT level 2 according to ISO 9712
  • HSE-Examination for operational supervisors



Work Experience

2016 to 2021

Supply Chain Manager at VCL S.A. (Luxemburg) a JV of Paul Wurth and SAB

  • Purchasing and Quality Assurance for large bore valves and equipment for the Iron & Steel, Glass and Oil & Gas industries
  • Participation in the certification according to
    • ISO 9001:2015
    • AD 2000 HP0
    • PED Module H1
  • Introduction of Microsoft 365 including MS Teams

2004 – 2016

Manager QA/QC at Paul Wurth S.A. (Luxemburg) Quality Control and Quality Assurance mainly for EPC projects

  • Contract review
  • Coordination of the QA/QC Project team
  • Check of technical specification
  • Global production monitoring (Brazil, China, India, Eastern Europe and others)
  • Final acceptance tests with customers worldwide

The scope of duties included mainly steel structures according to EN 1090 and pressure vessels and pipelines (AD, EN and ASME) as well es pumps, compressors, blowers, conveyor technology and utilities primarily for the steel industry

06/2002 – 11/2004

Quality assurance and expediting at RWE Solutions (Duisburg)

  • Specialist construction manager in the waste incineration plant AVN Tulln / Austria
  • Conversation work at “BKB Buschhaus” as construction manager
  • From October 2002 on mainly responsible for quality assurance in the modernization of the coal-fired power plant Maritza East III / Bulgaria and the new construction of the associated flue gas cleaning plant